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Bachelorette FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What Happens at a show?

What are topless waiters?
The topless waiters are for good, clean fun when the ladies are a little conservative.
The guys will come dressed in black pants, a white collar with a black bowtie, cuffs and without shirts. They will mingle with the girls, get them drinks, take fun photos, help where they can and create a fun vibe...The guys are all well-mannered and well-groomed.

What are bottomless waiters?
The bottomless waiters are a slightly naughtier option than the topless waiters, but also for when the ladies are a little too shy for a stripper. 
The guys will come in a sexy black apron, a g-string, a white collar with a black bowtie and cuffs.
They won't be wearing a shirt nor pants ;)
They will mingle with the girls, get them drinks, take fun photos, help where they can and create a fun vibe...The guys are all well-mannered and well-groomed.

Do the rates include travel or accomodation?
No, all rates exclude travel and accommodation. This will need to be added in a final quote according to what you would like.  

What do I need to know for a show?
Please make sure that you have the following available for the dancer at the venue:
1. A Change room or preparation area.
  • Preferably near to the performance area as the dancer may need to make one change of outfit during the show.
  • At least 4 square meters in size.
  • Enough light to see.
  • A clean and dry floor if it's outside.

2. A glass of water (plastic cups are better).

3. A chair to use in the performance.
  • Low chair (ottoman can work).
  • Not a tall, bar stool.
  • Chair without arms.

4. Performance area.
  • Make the guests sit in a semi circle around the area, where the dancer will perform.
  • Place the special lady in the centre of the semi circle, on her own chair.
  • The bigger the area, the better.

5. Sound system.
  • The louder the better. If you feel it's not loud enough (louder than girls screaming), we rent out a sound system for R100.
  • Let us know what kind of input the system takes (CD, line in, aux, iPod).
  • An iPod Docking station or kitchen radio is usually not loud enough.

6. Photographs.
  • Each Dancer has their own preference, so ask them when they arrive, if you can take pictures or film the show.

7. Keep the bachelorette / bachelor conscious.
  • You won't believe how many times the bride/groom is paralytic by the time the dancer arrives.
  • Get them tipsy but keep them there.

8. Timing
  • If you plan on leaving directly after the show to another venue, allow at least an hour for the show.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to set up.
  • 20 minutes for the show.
  • 20 minutes to pack up.
  • Usually the dancer will mingle, have a drink and take some photos with the guests afterwards for about 15 minutes.

9. Pets
  • Please tie up or lock away any pets during the performance. Loud noises and fast movements might cause them to behave unpredictably.

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